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What to bring / During the fasting month


Most things are cheaper to buy in Indonesia, but there are also things that are hard to find. If you shop in Indonesia, do it in a big town in order to find everything you need.
* Sun lotion is available, but t is easier to bring it.
* It is wise to bring medicines from your own country.
* International driving license can come handy.
* Watertight bag for your camera if you are planning to visit islands and go by boat.
* Clothes are much cheaper in Indonesia, but big sizes can be difficult to find.
* Shoes over size 42 are hard to find.
* Mosquito repellants are common and cheap.
* A couple of padlocks can be useful, both for your bag and for your beach bungalow.
* For surfers bringing their own boards a board bag is recommended. Also wax for warm waters, some extra leg ropes, a nose guard for your board for safety, and footwear to get out over reefs. A repair kit can save hassles. Repair shops for surf boards are not available.


For a non-Muslim tourist, the Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month) gives traveling a new dimension. In strict Muslim areas basically all restaurants and food stalls are closed between sunrise and sunset. In North Sumatra there is normally always an alternative, as a big part of the population is non-Muslim. While fasting, not only food, drink and cigarettes are avoided, but also bad thoughts, lies and unethical behavior. The Ramadan is a cleansing period for both the body and the soul. If you are in a Muslim village and need to eat, drink, or smoke, do not do it in public. It is considered offensive and inconsiderate towards people who are fasting.

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