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Pantee Aneuk Sueke (The Canyon)

This is a fascinating, deep dive on the west coast of Pulau Weh. Getting to the Canyon takes about 25 minutes by boat. During the west monsoon this spot is inaccessible as the seas are quite tumulous during this time of the year. Dazzling rock formations and caves are the main attraction in this site.When the current is heads northwards, a normal dive will start with divers descending unto the south to the cave at the 29m level. When the ascending towards the canyon divers will hover over the beautiful narrow gorgonian garden the home ground of some napoleon-wrasses, school of Jacks and black tip reef sharks. Occasionally, mantra ray are spotted here, especially at times when there are plenty of plankton.Swimming trough through the narrow arch is like a ritual to most divers before ending up the dive on top of the reef. Swimming between the coral lined walls of the Canyon accompanied by schools of reef fishes and other form of marine life is a truly memorable experience not only for the relatively new divers.

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