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Batee Dua Gapang; Gapang's house reef

Aside from its serene white sand beaches, Gapang is well known for its beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life. Gapang is a popular spot for easy diving and night diving. Start out by snorkeling out to Batee Dua (Two Rocks) and begin the deep part of your dive at 30 m and head back to the shallower reef closer to the beach .Alternatively, divers can opt for a long shallow beach dive and stay in the bay part of our house reef.At 14 m level, Gapang Reef is occupied by different hard corals and big waving leather corals, while at the 30 m level, visitors can enjoy the sight of reef sharks, the manta or eagle rays in the blue and the loads of blue-spotted ribbontail rays and blue spotted stingrays. Resident Hawksbill turtles further enhances the majestic view of the Gapang hosue reef. The house reef is densely populated by marine life, namely scorpion, lion fishes, Macro ghost pipefish, mantis shrimp,nudi branch, flyinggarnet,leaf fish, frog fish &... Amazing tales from divers on their marine adventure adds up spice to this popular area.Is just 5 minutes from Gapang, lies another dive site, Batee Meuroron. Albeit a less frequented site, it is the haven or rather the regular hang out place for clown fishes in their anemones in the shallow water at safety stop level between the rocks.

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