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Batee Tokong

Batee Tokong is part of a big underwater plateau stretching to the north. Some rocks even reach the surface and form a wall down to 25 m where a plateau begins which is literally covered with big seafans. Further north this dive sites continues to Shark Plateau where there is a good chance to watch napoleon wrasses, giant groupers and blacktip reef sharks. Divers are attracted by the ever spectacular scenery and its amazingly rich marine life, making it favourite site for short and long term divers in Pulau Weh.Shark Plateau is located on the north side in a 24-28 m deep plateau, where black and white tip reef sharks, gray sharks and the occasional silvertip roam. On a deeper level, divers may spot bluefin trevallies , yellow goat fishes, dog tooth Tuna, schooling Baracuda...Right at the bottom level, a busy crowd of marine life such as Octopuses, Lionfish, Scorpion fish, Frog fish, Nudibranchs, Butterfly fishes, Triggerfishes and the beautiful big nose Unicornfish fish carrying on their day to day activities. Ton of eels from giant moray, honey comb moray eel, blue ribbon eel.

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