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Getting there

Recommended Flights :

Kuala Lumpur <-> Bandar Aceh
Sunday / Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Penang <-> Bandar Aceh

Getting there

To get to Pulau Weh (Sabang), just 45 minutes by fast ferry from Banda Aceh, capital city of Aceh as the main getaway to Pulau Weh. From Banda Aceh by boat at Ulee Lheu either by Fast Ferry or Car Ferry. It will take only maximum an hour boat ride with the fast Ferry and about 2 hours by Car Ferry.

Express Bahari is a fast ferry departed from Banda Aceh every day at 16.00 and at 8.30 from Pulau Weh.the ticket for Express Bahari can be ordered at this number: +62813 7325 6365, +62852 7708 8868.

With Air Asia flying to Banda Aceh from KL, Pulau Weh is now only a short flight and ferry ride away from Malaysia.

Ferry Time Table

From Ulee Lheu Port (Banda Aceh) to Balohan Port (Weh Island)

Type of Ferry: Fast Ferry
Daily: 09.30
Daily: 15.30 (Fri: 16.30)

Type of Ferry: Car Ferry (
Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri: 14.00
Wed, Sat, Sun : 11.00 and 16.00

From Balohan Port (Weh Island) to Ulee Lheu Port (Banda Aceh)

Type of Ferry: Fast Ferry
Daily: 08.00
Daily: 15.30

Type of Ferry: Car Ferry
Daily: 08.00
Wed, Sat, Sun: 14.00

Boats can also be chartered on Pulau Weh. The cheapest ones are from Keunekai or Paya Keunekai. A one day roundtrip can cost app. Rp.1 million, depending on boat size and your bargaining skills.

By Air

Best way to reach Banda Aceh by air either from Medan, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Jakarta.

At the moment only low cost carrier AirAsia serving direct international flight from KLIA - Kuala Lumpur* (KUL) to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport - Banda Aceh (BTJ) everyday. Check out:

Starting early October 2008, new low cost Malaysian airline company "Firefly" will start flying to Banda Aceh depart from their

*Free Visa on Arrival only for Asean Country passport holder for 30 days. List Countries Free Visa on Short Visit, Click: List BVKS

Countries granted with Visa On Arrival, please click: List VOA

For those travellers Non Asean passport holder, please get your visa for travelling into Indonesia at Indonesian Embassy before you flying direcly from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh.

* From Singapore, Penang (Malaysia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Polonia International Airport, Medan (1 hour and 10 minutes). There is several airline flying to Medan from those city. Check out: Garuda Indonesia Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Lion Air

* From Medan to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh (47 minutes)
Check out: Garuda Indonesia Airways, Lion Air, Srwijaya Air.


* From Sultan IskandarMuda Airport, Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheu Seaport by taxi, bus, rental car, or by shuttle to the city (30 minutes)

* From Ulee Lhee Seaport (Banda Aceh) to Balohan Seaport, Pulau Weh by ferry (1 hour)

* From Balohan to various locations by minibus or rental car

By Sea (Fast Ferry) from Penang, Malaysia.

For those who have plenty of time travelling to South East Asia and interested to visit Pulau Weh. You may able to cacth ferry from Penang (Malaysia) across to Medan of North Sumatra Province. Ferry departure and arrival at Belawan seaport. It's will take about approx. 5 - 6 hours from Penang. As you arrive at the Belawan port, you may take bus that provided by the ferry company to Medan City. For the latest update of Fast Ferry service from Penang to Medan, please check out Langkawi Ferry Service.
Also available ferry from Penang to Krueng Geukuh port, Lhokseumawe. the ship KMP Jatra III with maximum 100 passenger take 13 hours from Penang to Lhokseumawe. agent in Penang: ASDP (M) Sdn Bhd

By Land (Bus) from Medan to Banda Aceh.

As you get to Medan, you may take cab to Pinang Baris Intercity Bus Terminal or to Jalan Gajah Mada at the office of Aceh Buses such as PELANGI, PMTOH, ANUGRAH, KURNIA etc. Most those buses depart every hour. However, we strongly suggested to take the night bus that depart from Medan at 9.00 PM.

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