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Comprehensive transfer

Just land in Banda Aceh airport and we will take care of the rest. Our transfer service is "comprehensive". ie. from the moment you clear from immigration & custom, we will handle everything until you safety and confortably arrive at the resort.

Our "comprehensive" transfer include :-

  • Meeting-up at Banda Aceh airport, transfer to Banda Aceh ferry jetty, stop for food is scheduled depending on the timing, however, the cost of lunch is excluded.
  • Ferry ticket (highest class available)

  • Meet and transfer from ferry terminal on Pulau Weh to the resort.
  • The reverse is similar and we will send departing guest from resort up till Banda Aceh airport.


    * Sight-seeing around Banda Aceh is optional. However, we encouraged if time permits, to see some memorials of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and to saviour some local food.
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